Riders in wheelchairs or scooters must:

  • Maintain their equipment, including brakes, wheels and controls.
  • Provide an accessible pathway without steps at the pick-up location & destination.

All riders are asked to:

  • Follow all River Valley Metro policies regarding ADA
  • Adhere to the River Valley Metro Code of Conduct

River Valley Metro bus operators are responsible for passenger safety and will report unsafe conditions or situations.  Operators have the right to refuse service if, in their judgment, a situation poses an immediate hazard.

Riders who disregard ADA policies, engage in unsafe or threatening behavior, or whose residence or destination is not safely accessible may have services limited, suspended or denied.

No-shows and late cancellations

Riders are responsible for being ready to board at the beginning of their 30 minute pick-up window.  Riders that are not ready within 5 minutes of the bus’ arrival, or beginning of their window if the buys is early, will be considered a no-show.  Riders canceling their ride less than two hours before the scheduled arrival may be recorded as a late cancel.

Service suspension will occur with 3 documented valid no-shows and/or late cancellations in a 30 day period

  • 1st occurrence:  Letter warning of possible suspension
  • 2nd occurrence:  5 day suspension of riding privilege
  • 3rd occurrence:  10 day suspension of riding privilege
  • 4th occurrence:  20 day suspension of riding privilege

Paying the proper fare

Riders must have correct change and pay the proper fare upon boarding. If using a pass, the pass must be shown to the driver at each boarding.

Keeping personal information up-to-date with River Valley Metro

If you have changes with any of the following, please contact the ADA representative as soon as possible:

  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Emergency contact’s name or telephone number
  • Type of mobility device
  • Physical or mental condition
  • Your need for a personal attendant

Keep ADA eligibility up-to-date

You may be required to reapply for ADA eligibility or have it re-evaluated at Metro’s discretion.  Riders will continue to receive service during the review process.  Persons not using  Metro Plus services within the past 12 months will have to reapply for eligibility.