Fares/Contact Information

Metro Plus Fares
$2.00 each way
Monthly passes available for $40/month

Paying Your Fare
Passengers must pay when boarding.  Fare may be paid in cash or with two $1 tokens.  Please remember to have exact change.
Driver is unable to make change.

Tokens are available for purchase at:
Metro Centre
1137 E. 5000 North Road
Bourbonnais IL  60914
815-937-4287 (4BUS)

River Valley Metro Fixed-Route Fare for Disabled

Fare schedule for disabled individuals riding the River Valley Metro fixed routes is:
Must present ADA Card, Medicare Card or a Reduced Fare ID Card

Monday—Saturday (6 am—8 am & 4 pm—10:30 pm): $.50

Monday—Sunday (all other hours): $1.00

Monthly Passes (unlimited trips each month): $15.00

Metro Plus – Telephone Numbers

For Reservations, Cancellations, Questions about Vehicle Arrival or General Information contact:
815-937-4287 (4BUS)

To set up an appointment to apply for ADA service contact:

For comments, questions or concerns contact:
815-935-1403 x205

For the River Valley Metro Administrative Office: