What to Expect

How the Operator may assist you

  • With fastening your seat belt or securing your wheelchair or scooter.
  • From the bus to the curb of your destination, including one step.
  • In boarding & debarking (if steps are a problem, you may stand on the lift).
  • Upon request, may assist passenger from origin to destination.

Items you may bring on Metro Plus

  • Service Animals
  • Small animals in carriers
  • Groceries (up to 2 grocery sized bags)
  • Luggage—Riders and their PCA and/or companion may each take 2 pieces of
    luggage plus 1 carry-on bag.  Operators are unable to handle luggage.
  • Oxygen—personal tanks are allowed.  Operator can secure, but cannot operate the
    tank mechanism.

Other items may be carried on if:

  • You or someone traveling with you are able to carry the item to and from the bus.
  • Item must be small enough to fit on your lap, under your seat, or elsewhere clear
    of the aisles, seats and securement areas of the bus.
  • You or someone traveling with you can hold or stow the item so it does not present
    a hazard to other passengers or the bus operator during the trip.

Service during severe weather

Call (815)937-4287 (4BUS) for updates during severe weather.   Even if Metro Plus service continues to operate normally during severe weather, your ride will be cancelled if the bus cannot safely access your residence or destination or if they cannot transfer you to the bus.