How to Ride

When to be ready:

For a pick-up appointment, you will be given a “30 minute pick-up window”.  You need to ready at the beginning of your pick-up window. For example:  If your 30 minute pick-up window is 8:00 am—8:30 am, you will need to be ready at 8:00 am.

If you have already scheduled a drop-off appointment, you can call the day of the appointment and we will give you a pick-up window.

How long will Metro Plus wait?:

  • When the bus arrives during your pick-up window, the bus will wait 5 minutes.
  • If bus arrives before your pick-up window starts:
    • If you are ready—you may leave right away
    • If you are not ready—the bus will wait until your pick-up window begins and
      then will wait an additional five minutes.

By being ready when the bus arrives, you help keep everyone’s trips on schedule.

What if you are not ready?:

Any rider that does not board within 5 minutes of the bus’ arrival (or 5 minutes after the pick-up window begins if the bus arrived early) is considered a no-show.  If you miss your bus and still need a ride, please call (815) 937-4287 to schedule a new trip. Trips are scheduled based upon availability. See Rider Responsibilities for more information on service suspensions due to excessive no-shows.

Late Metro Plus bus arrivals:

Sometimes traffic conditions or unexpected events may delay the bus.  If the bus has not arrived by the end of the pick-up window, please contact reservations at (815) 937-4287 to inquire about your ride.