Transfer Stations

Chestnut & North Schuyler

This transfer station is conveniently located two blocks north from the corner of Court and Schuyler and serves as the hub for most River Valley Metro routes. From this transfer station, passengers can travel directly to many locations throughout the Kankakee area.

Routes transferring at Chestnut & North Schuyler are Meadowview, Bradley, Northfield Square Mall, Eastgate, Aroma Park, KCC, West Kankakee and the Medical Center routes.

Chestnut and Schuyler


St. Vincent DePaul by Perry Farm

This transfer station allows passengers to reach the northern part of River Valley Metro’s service area. Route 1, Meadowview serves this transfer station every 30 minutes from the Chestnut and North Schuyler station, with transfers to the Bourbonnais Route 10 and Bradley bus every hour at 40 minutes after the hour.

St. Vincent's DePaul transfer Centre

Northfield Square Mall

Transfer between the Northfield Square Mall route and Bourbonnais Route 10.

Northfield Sq. Mall Transfer Centre

Manteno Metro Centre

Transfer from Manteno Route 9 to one of our commuter routes at the shelter on Oak Street in downtown Manteno. Commuter routes serve Midway Airport and the Metra train station in University Park.

Manteno Metro Centre

Metro Centre Park and Ride Facilities in Manteno and Bourbonnais

Free parking for commuters is available in Bourbonnais and in Manteno.

At the Bourbonnais Metro Centre, please park in the commuter parking lot only (east of the entrance). The University Park commuter bus departs from the Bourbonnais Metro Centre multiple times each day, making only one stop (at the Manteno Metro Centre) on it’s way to the Metra train station. CLICK HERE for the University Park schedule.

Our Manteno Metro Centre is the departure point for non-stop commuter bus service to Midway Airport. This service is also available every day, several times each day. CLICK HERE for the Midway Airport schedule.

Metro Centre Transfer Centre