Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission Statement

River Valley Metro Mass Transit District,
the Public Service Leader for Today and Tomorrow

Vision Statement

Moving beyond transit
Exceeding expectations
The standard for others to emulate
Removing boundaries
Offering Opportunities

Core Values

  • We value teamwork and the strength of decisions developed through open and collaborative processes.
  • We value innovation and risk-taking (taking a chance not a hazard) in the pursuit of excellence
  • We value a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community. We value respect and tolerance.
  • We value “doing the right thing”, instead of just “doing things right”. We strive to understand the impact of our decisions and accept responsibility for our actions. We take pride in all we do.
  • We value the commitment to continuous improvement. We always work to make tomorrow a better today
  • We value the trust the community has placed in us. We accept the responsibility of being good stewards of all our natural and financial resources.
  • Every day, every way, we will exceed our customer’s expectations.