• Thank You!

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Thank You Letter

  • Major Route and Schedule Updates!

After a year of research and planning, including rider surveys and feedback, major changes occurred to River Valley Metro’s routes and schedules beginning July 1, 2017. All changes were designed to make the system more efficient for its users, with the goal of shorter wait times and travel times for most. With streamlined routes and the addition of peak time services, many locations are now served twice per hour instead of hourly.

  • 10 Million Rides!

River Valley Metro Mass Transit District has now provided more than 10 million rides for the people of Kankakee County. Serving the area since 1999, River Valley Metro surpassed the 10 million ride mark in mid-June 2017.

When launched 18 years ago, estimates were that the public transportation system would peak at around 500,000 rides per year. That level was achieved in 2008, and continued to grow to nearly a million rides in 2014.

“We are very appreciative of the support we receive from people in the community”, said Rob Hoffmann, River Valley Metro’s managing director. “Even people who might never use our services understand the value that it brings to the area.”

And, River Valley Metro has announced plans to streamline its service, making it more efficient for most riders. Proposed route and schedule changes, based upon rider surveys and studies, are tentatively scheduled to begin on July 1st. These changes are designed to improve the service for most riders. Proposed new routes and schedules are available at and at the Bourbonnais Metro Centre.

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