Proposed Route Changes

For nearly a year, River Valley Metro has been surveying riders and exploring options to improve our service for the residents of Kankakee County. Streamlining service and consolidating service on fewer streets would allow River Valley Metro to provide higher service frequency on all routes and expand service to include Sundays and holidays. The proposed changes are designed around existing funding. If approved, these changes would take place on July 1st.

We encourage everyone to view the proposed new routes and learn how their commutes would be affected. To comment on these proposed changes, please click HERE for our contact information.

Please click on each link below to view proposed route maps and schedules. Bus stops are indicated by a small circle. Timepoint stops are indicated by a circle with a T in the middle.

Route 1     Route 2     Route 3     Route 4     Route 5     Route 6     Route 7     Route 8       Route 9     Route 10     Route 11

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