Comprehensive Operational Analysis

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River Valley Metro is in the process of completing a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) for the fixed-route bus service. The study will provide recommendations for overall system efficiency, ridership growth and operational effectiveness. The plan will outline the implementation process and policies to help improve transportation options in the future.
We are looking for input from you! Please provide a suggestion or comment about how to improve transit service in Kankakee County.

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Existing Conditions Report

The Existing Conditions Report provides a baseline of information about River Valley Metro Mass Transit District (RVMMTD) and sets the stage for future planning tasks as a part of the Comprehensive Operational Assessment (COA) of transit services provided by RVMMTD. The Existing Conditions Report provides as assessment of the current state of the communities within RVMMTD’s service area, as well as the performance of the transit service.

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Existing Conditions Report Part 2

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