Metro PLUS ADA Service

Metro Plus
Americans with Disabilities Act Complementary Paratransit

Metro Plus is a shared-ride, public transportation program service for people with disabilities that cannot board, ride or disembark from the River Valley Metro wheelchair accessible, fixed-route bus service.

ADA’s policies and procedures are developed within the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Department of Transportation rules and regulations and are reviewed by the ADA Committee, an advisory board to the River Valley Metro Board of Directors.

  • Riders Guide Formats
    Large print guides and audiotape versions are available
    by calling (815) 937-4287.
  • Eligibility Criteria
    Individuals must have a disability that prevents them from
    independently using River Valley Metro’s fixed route buses.
    Individuals must apply for ADA services and meet eligibility
    requirements. To apply for ADA services download the application
    by clicking here. Mail the completed application to the address on
    the top of the form and we will contact you for an appointment to
    determine your eligibility or call (815) 937-4287 to set up an appointment
    for ADA qualification.
  • Service Area
    The origin and destination of a Metro Plus trip must be the urbanized area of Kankakee County.
  • Hours of Operation
    Metro Plus follows the same hours of operation as the fixed-route buses.
    Click here to find the hours of operation.