Code of Conduct

Pay the Correct Fare

Pay your fare by placing exact change in the fare box or by presenting your pass to the driver with the appropriate ID each time you board. The driver cannot make change.

Do Not Distract the Driver or Bother Other Passengers

Interfering with the safe operation of a transit vehicle is hazardous to you and everyone else. Threatening the operator or other passengers will not be tolerated.

No Smoking

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not allowed on Metro buses.

Make the Ride Comfortable for Everyone

The seats in the front of the bus are reserved for seniors and persons with disabilities. Please surrender your seat to these riders when they board.

Use of Headphones and Respecting Others’ Privacy

To avoid disturbing others, please use headphones while using electronic devices.

Use your Inside Voice

If you are talking on your phone, remember that you have a built-in audience. Be mindful of your language, keep your voice low, and your call brief.

Proper Apparel

You must wear proper apparel when riding River Valley Metro buses. Shoes and shirt are required.

Keep it Clean

Respect those that ride with you. Keep your feet off of the seats and throw any trash in the trash bags provided on the bus. This is also true of River Valley Metro bus stops. Do not litter at the stops. If you have trash, please bring it onto the bus and dispose of it in the trash bags provided. Please respect other’s property.


Use of profanity or derogatory statements is not tolerated on the buses. Use of this type of language can get you removed from the bus.

No Eating, Alcohol, or Drinks

No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus.

Leave Room for Other Passengers

Please do not take up seats with your packages. Keep seats open for other passengers. Fold strollers, 2-wheeled shopping carts and walking aids to keep the aisle clear. There is a limit of one item per person. Standing is permitted, but please move as far back in the bus as possible to allow room for others to board.

Pets in Carrier

Pets are welcome on buses as long as they are kept in an animal carrier. Service animals are exempt.