Welcome to River Valley Metro

River Valley Metro Mass Transit District is a public service agency that offers three types of bus services for the residents of Kankakee County.

  1. Traditional, or “fixed route”, bus service in the urbanized area of Kankakee County. This includes Aroma Park, Kankakee, Bradley, Bourbonnais and Manteno.
  2. Commuter shuttle service to Midway Airport and to the Metra train station at University Park.
  3. Service for individuals with disabilities who are unable to independently use fixed route service. This is referred to as Metro Plus service.

Fixed route buses serve more than 350 bus stops from 5:00 am to 9:30 pm Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 9:30 pm on Saturdays, and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sundays and major holidays. Most stops are served once each hour, but many are served every half hour. All buses are wheelchair accessible. Fare is $1.00 per trip.

Park-N-Ride commuter services to Midway Airport and to the Metra train station at University Park originate at the Bourbonnais Metro Centre and make one stop at the Manteno Metro Centre. Fare is $2.00 each way, and free parking is available at both locations.

The morning schedule for the University Park commuter is coordinated with trains departing from University Park, and the afternoon/evening schedule is coordinated with trains arriving at University Park.

The Midway Airport commuter connects to the public transportation terminal at Midway Airport. From this point, travelers have a short walk in a covered walkway to the main terminal. In addition, many commuters who are not flying use this service to connect to Chicago’s public transportation systems, providing an inexpensive way to commute into the city.

Metro Plus service requires pre-qualification and operates by appointment. Metro Plus buses will pick you up at your home and take you to your destination. This is a shared ride service, meaning that multiple individuals’ trips are grouped together in an effort to meet all trip requests and improve efficiency. Ride time on Metro Plus is comparable to travel time on the fixed route system, including transfers and wait times. Fare is $2.00 each way.

Additional details about each of these services are available on this website or by calling 815-937-4287.


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